How to cite the information obtained from LAPOP

Bibliographic Quote

Author. [Author's electronic address, if known] (year of publication if known). Work title. Full job title or ezine name . Query date, URL


Article in an electronic magazine

Rosero Bixby, Luis. [] (July, 2002) Demographic boom in Costa Rica. Population and health of Mesoamerica , 1 (1). Consultation of 25 of September of 2002,

* Use the complete data of the publication.

* No page number posted.

In an Internet publication, volumes and numbers are not relevant. If it is not used, the name of the periodical is all that is included in the reference.
* As far as possible, the URL should point directly to the article.
* Divide a URL is another line after a slash or before a point. Do not insert a hyphen at the end of the split.

Loose, unidentified and undated document

Teenage Fertility Tables . (North Dakota.). Consultation of August 8, 2002,

* If the author of the document is not identified, in the reference with the document title

Document available on the portal of a university program or department

Schram, Albert (1999). The socio-economic study: a characterization of the canton Perez Zeledon . Consultation on August 24, 2002, of the website of the Central American Population Center of the University of Costa Rica:

* If the document is inside a large and complex portal, identify the institution and state before the document URL

Electronic copy of a magazine article, three to five authors, recovery of a database

Zabin, L.S., Hirsch, M.B., Smith E.A., Streett, R., & amp; Hardey J.B. (1986) Evaluation of a pregnancy program for urban adolescents Family planning perspectives. 23. 6: 253-263. Consultation of July 17, 2002, from the JStore database.

Document obtained from an aggregated database

Costa Rica's population by province and quinquennial age groups . Consultation on October 15, 2002, of the 2000 Census database of the Central American Population Center:

* When the referenced material is obtained by a query in an aggregated database, follow the appropriate format of the query strategy and add a search result report with the retrieval date and the name of the query Database.